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The Ultra-Trap™

The DET Ultra-Trap™ DPF is a passively regenerating filter for the class 8 on-road truck market. It consists of a catalyzed cordierite diesel particulate filter (DPF). The substrate material is coated with a highly active metal oxide wash coat and a specially formulated precious metal catalyst formulation. The substrate material is canned using DET’s patented weld free Modu-Link™ technology.

The special catalyst coating effectively lowers the particulate matter’s combustion temperature to a level that is closer to that reached during the engines normal duty cycle. Data logging to determine the exhaust temperature profile is very important to proper DPF functionality and is used to ensure proper soot combustion can and will take place. An added benefit for passively regenerating systems like the Ultra-Trap™ is that they do not require the use of fuel additives, burners, or additional power sources, and have no moving parts.

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