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Basic Understanding of Diesel Emissions

Smart-Trap™ Active Regeneration
The most application friendly option available from DET. Our line of active diesel particulate filters accommodate virtually any application regardless of duty cycle and temperature profile.
Passive Diesel Particulate Filters:
DET’s passive diesel particulate filters remove >90% of PM, HC, and CO in the exhaust stream. The cordierite filters are canned using DET’s patented Modu-Link™ canning technique. Specially formulated wash coats have been developed to satisfy the unique duty cycle requirements of the stationary, off-road, and on-road markets.
DET Selective Catalyst Reduction:
Removes >90% of NOx. The SCR catalyst is a ceramic coated unit that operates by injecting aqueous ammonia or urea into the exhaust stream using a pump and our Smart-Ecu™
DET Back-Traker and Smart-Ecu™:
Regardless of regeneration method the DET data logger will constantly monitor temperature and backpressure. In our active systems the Smart-Ecu™ also controls the HC injection system and active regeneration intervals. The Back-Traker™ unit used in our passive systems contains a unique soot loading index which measures the accumulation levels in the filter and notifies the driver when cleaning is needed.
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