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Why DET?
DET has made it our obligation to not only supply your company with parts; instead, we offer a department solely for the purpose of supplying you (the customer) with advice regarding what best suits your business. With the introduction of more and more complex directives and incentive funding programs, it is essential for operators to plan strategies, investments and test programs that best suit their business. Seeing as there is no single technology that meets all applications, duty cycles, budgets etc, DET offers a “No Obligation advice” on what we feel may be your best option; these alternatives may include using exhaust technology, bio diesel or alternative fuels such as LPG, CNG etc.
DET has a vast knowledge of Diesel engines and subsequently exhaust system development. This experience ranges from business activities in both the on and off road market sectors, bearing in mind there is a cross over of engine families that are used within both sectors. DET has developed an extensive range working from the smallest 1/2 liter engine up to the largest engine.
DET is not just your typical exhaust manufacturer. We own our own patents and have many intellectual property rights for designs and production techniques.
DET has also developed an online “trackntrace” system which monitors and manages the product cycle life, giving the customer a full auditable traceable product, which in the future will possibly become a requirement for legislative bodies and authorities This system ensures that DET products are covered under our comprehensive warranty system. At no extra cost, this is just an additional customer service feature you can expect from DET.
Unrivaled by any of our competitors our service exchange program for both DET and other manufacturers filters. The universal adaptor which allows the DET modu-link system to be incorporated into any existing application currently supplied by any one of our competitors today, thus making DET the most logical choice and providing you peace of mind that DET can truly offer a “one stop shop approach”.
DET is not in the business of selling you something that doesn’t make “Sound Business Sense.” We are here to help you plan a route through the haze and maze of directives and eighth wonder’s of the world is our job. “Its not all hot air,” we like to say, and with that we have an obligation to make a conscious effort in improving our air quality. When DET claims we “are a breath of fresh air” we mean it.
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