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The patented Modu-link™ canning technique is the foundation for every emission control product in our portfolio regardless of baffle size, substrate material, or regeneration method. The canning process is the most environmentally friendly in the industry; Modu-link™ cans are mechanically formed and weld free. Apart from their environmental benefits, mechanically formed parts are stronger and resist corrosion more effectively than welded options. Modu-link™ inlet, outlet, and catalyst module combinations can be designed individually, component-by-component, or together as a kit. All Modu-link™ systems feature mono-directional flow sleeves and unique Modu-link™ couplings that ensure zero leakage and limit the chance of body fractures from heat expansion. Replacement parts are available as single components, and our universal Modu-link™ adaptors allow any of our modular components to be fitted to every currently available OEM or retrofit emission reduction system. Modu-link™ systems are upgradeable; in 2014 will you need NOx reduction? The Modu-link™ effectively combines customization with standardization by providing module combination options that make our products universally applicable retrofit solutions.



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