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The Ultra-Trap™ system consists of a catalyzed diesel particulate filter (cDPF) positioned in the exhaust system of a diesel engine. The operating principle for a cDPF is that the exhaust gas enters multiple channels of the ceramic substrate that contains cell plugs at the opposite end. The plugged ends force the gas through the porous walls of the filter trapping more than 90% of the Particulate Matter (PM), Carbon monoxide (CO), and Hydrocarbons (HC) in the exhaust stream. The catalyst formulation transforms the CO and HC into carbon dioxide and water as they pass through the filter walls. The chart at the bottom of the page graphically illustrates the pollutant reduction rates.

The Ultra-Trap™ is designed to replace the existing silencer, in either universal or vehicle specific kit applications. The duty cycle requirements for the DET Ultra-Trap™ to passively regenerate are as followst:

  • Peaks of min 400° C  
  • Average min. 220° C  
  • Above 260° C for 30% of Duty Cycle (DC)  
  • Above 300° C for 15% of DC  
  • Above 350° C for 5% of DC  


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