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  Modu-links Coypling
Part No.
Black Powder Coated Carbon Steel
DET is committed to providing a full line of diesel emission accessories that reduce vehicle downtime by increasing both DPF serviceability and durability. The universal vertical mounting frame is no exception. This uniquely designed support system accommodates the added weight of a DPF system and fits on any application. The unit is ready to be installed right out of the box, and mounts directly to the frame rail of the equipment using standard tools. The mounting frame is designed to expedite the installation process and allows for a full range of adjustment that accommodates any pipe work application (pictured right). Similarly, the range of adjustability allows for the use of standard 45°, 60°, and 90° bends. The vertical mast contains specific mounting points that have been designed to hold the Backtraker™ backpressure monitor, data logger, and HC dosing system. Test units have been mounted to long-haul vehicles fitted with DPF’s and have run problem free for 18+ months. DPF’s are not cheap! Invest in the right accessories now and save valuable time and money later!


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