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Vision, Strategy & Goals
Our team, products, and distributors are educated to help you discover, install, and maintain a retrofit or OEM emissions control product.
Everyday we focus on the innovation and production of exhaust and emissions technology, with the ultimate goal of reducing air pollution and noise pollution, thus creating an increased quality of life worldwide.
Our products reduce toxic levels of diesel particulate matter (PM), carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC). By reducing emissions, DET helps diesel engines comply with governmental emissions regulations both here in the United States, and around the World.
We strive to raise quality standards within the industry through hard work, an educated team, a friendly business environment, and of course a production process that uses only the highest quality materials available.
From our sales people to our engineers, DET’s employees have expertise in pollution control technology, product design, experimentation, application engineering, and operation.
Here at DET our focus is on more than just selling you a part, and when buying from us, you are doing more than complying with governmental regulations. Instead, as a member of the DET family each new customer helps, one by one to solve air pollution problems on a global scale.
Diesel emissions, are of course, not the only reason for increased atmospheric greenhouse gases, but they do play their part. Diesel Emissions are part of an ever increasing problem. We at DET believe we have a part to play in reducing emissions from Diesel Powered vehicles on a global basis.
Our business model is to innovate and develop cost effective, diesel exhaust systems incorporating emission control strategies that meet demands for reduced tail pipe emissions in on and off road vehicles alike.
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