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Diesel Emission Technologies

Year Established


Management Years of experience in
The Heavy Duty Exhaust on/off road
Exhaust and Emission Technologies Business

25 Years Plus

Core Competence Coverage

Tube Manipulation and forming
Insulation & coatings
Mufflers / Silencers
Spark Arrestors
Diesel Oxidation Catalysts
3 Way Catalysts
Diesel Particulate Filters
Selective Catalyst Reduction
Electronics and Vehicle interface.
Combustion Engineering

Production Coverage (In House)

Multi-stack CNC Tube Bending – All Electric, linked to Solid works 3D software also uses environmental lubrication
NO Honey oil.
Tube inside a Tube bending
CNC Sheet Folding and Bending
Automated Tube Perforating and Louvre
Laser Welding
Mig and Tig Welding – Certified
CNC Rolling
CNC Spinning
CNC Flanging
CNC Gut Ramming Computer controlled,
CNC Swaging and Reducing
Stamping / Pressings
Canning Weld Free - Modu-Linkä
Canning Welded Large Diameters
Laser Cutting
Water jetting.
Product laser part Marking
UID and bar Coding

Production Capabilities


Welding - Mig /Tig and Gas


CNC Tube Bending- Once x Diameter

Diameters 2" (76 mm) to 6" (152 mm)

Laser Profiling

½" (13 mm) 300 series Stainless Steel
10 Ft (3000 mm)x 5 ft (1500 mm) bed


3" (76 mm) to 18" (460 mm)

CNC Rolling (Any Profile)

Multiple flats, 40 mm Radi Up to 2 mm thick material 45" (1143 mm) long
Profiles from 4" (100 mm) to 26" (660 mm)

Rolling (Round & Oval only)

Diameters from 4" (100 mm) to 48" (1220 mm) x 72" (1830 mm) long

1. Automated Seam Welding

4" (100 mm) to 48" (660 mm) x 60" (1524 mm) long

2. Automated Seam Welding

20" (508 mm) to 48" (1220 mm) x 60" (915 mm) long.

Single Ridge lock

Diameters 2/2.5/3/3.5/4/4.5/5/6" x 12" travel.

Double Ridge Locking

As Above, but 24" travel.

Expanding and Reducing

Diameters 2' (51 mm) through 6" (152 mm) As listed above

Automated Air Notching

2" to 6" (slot viable tool dependent) Std 1/8" (3 mm) x 11/4" (32 mm)

CNC Cap Spinner

129 mm up to 520 mm Double End Machine maximum length D/E 40"(1061 mm) single end 60"(1524 mm)
Can cap spin any profile, including Oval, Square, rectangles, ellipse and trapezoidal based on Minimum Radi of 40 mm

CNC Flanger

As above, also any flange or flare profile (Tool Dependent)

CNC Gut Rammer

129 mm to 520 mm up to 36" (914 mm) travel.



All the above machines are linked via a PLC, and have a built in bar scanner and system check prior to final assembly, each unit produced registers serial number and logs push in/ out pressure and completes works order with Photograph, serial numbers and push out data, plus each unit serial ID, which is denoted on the product.

Hydraulic Presses

250 ton, and 2 x 30 ton.

Mechanical Fly Press

150 ton

CNC Press Brake

122"(3098 mm) long x 40" (1016 mm)wide 3.4 mm thick Material

CNC Shear / Guillotine

72" long 2 mm Thick material


4 ft (1219 mm) x 8 ft (2438 mm)

Automated Tube Louvre (Programmable.)

2" (51 mm) to 6" (152 mm) up to 2 mm Wall thickness

Automated Tube perforating (Programmable.)

2" (51 mm) to 6" (152 mm) as above

CNC Turret Punch

60" (1524 mm) x 72" (1828 mm) x 1.5 mm Stainless Steel 300 Series Material


Material Coverage






Stainless Steel 300 and 400 Series


Carbon / Mild Steel


Quality Standards and Operating practices.

ISO 9000


Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing Management Philosophy.

Installation – On and Off Site*

Application Engineering – On and Off Site*

Production Development – On and Off site*

3D CAD Solid-works Professional – 4 stations

Cosmos Flow Dynamics

3D Portable Tube measuring system.

• Smoke opacity measuring
• Data logging ability
• Vehicle Fault diagnostic readers
• 5 Gas Analyzers
• Portable plasma, Welding and Generator, Compressor
• Portable cutting table and bench




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