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Data logging

Data logging is a required step in selecting an appropriate retrofit technology for any engine. The data logging process requires the engine to be fitted with a data logging device for a time usually lasting 2-3 times the average daily duty cycle. The data logging process graphically illustrates the temperature profile for the engine in question and will determine which DET emissions control product is best suited for the specific application. Although there are a host of variables that contribute to proper DPF functionality, temperature is often seen as the most important one. In most cases, if the temperature profile meets the required levels, the filter in question will regenerate properly.

A DET Approved data log device should be installed prior to fitting any Modu-Link™ DPF. If the temperature profile meets the minimum requirements for installation the data logging unit will remain installed for the lifetime of your DPF. When fitted in combination with a passive DPF system, the Back- Traker™ will monitor backpressure, temperature, and the soot load index (SLI). If fitted with an active Smart-Trap™ the Backtraker™ becomes the Smart-Ecu™ and takes control of additive dosing, active regeneration intervals, and SCR systems while still monitoring the aforementioned variables (BP, Temp, SLI). The Backtraker™ and Smart-Ecu™ have been developed to run with DET’s patented DPF Track and Trace program which remotely monitors DPF functionality, location (similar to a low-jack), and aids in diagnosing the service and repair intervals and needs of each DPF, individually.



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