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The SmartEcu™ backpressure driver notification system consists of an electronic control unit (ECU), connectors, wiring harness, dashboard indicator, exhaust gas backpressure sensor, exhaust gas temperature sensors and a manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor. The SmartEcu sensors are pre-calibrated to monitor real-time engine speed (RPM), exhaust flow, exhaust gas temperature, exhaust gas backpressure (EGBP), as well as monitor our active regenerating SmartTrap™ HC dosing system. DET’s SmartEcu™ monitors the filter status under all operating conditions and internally records and reports on the pre-mentioned variables via a dashboard mounted LED and audible alarm system. To distinguish operating characteristics from every unique application, each SmartEcu™ unit is serialized to both the DPF and vehicle it is fitted on. This provides helpful information regarding both the usage and performance of both the vehicle and filter.

The aforementioned dashboard indicator panel will be installed within the driver’s line of sight. The indicator has a series of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that serve two functions. The uppermost single LED, denoted as the “diagnostic LED,” serves to notify the driver of the overall state of the filter through green, orange and red lights. Any time your filter system encounters an error it is registered internally and displayed on the dashboard indicator panel by way of an audible alarm and change in the LED’s color /sequence.


The lower set, denoted as the “Level LED’s,” indicate the approximate soot load index (SLI) by displaying in percent the number of passages that remain open as the filter accumulates PM. The SLI calculation is achieved by programming each unit with the application’s engine displacement and filter size. Doing so allows the software to utilize its built in algorithm for predicting PM loading. Because regeneration is not controlled in a passive system, the Backtraker’s™ SLI offers the advantage of forecasting service and maintenance needs before engine backpressure rises to levels that may cause internal damage to the filter.


The SmartEcu™ unit is shipped along with your SmartTrap™ DPF and is the most comprehensive and user friendly unit available for use with actively regenerating DPF’s.






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