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About EnviBlast™ & EnviBake™

Mobility - EnviBlast™ is specially constructed for mobile usage, and can be transported by van or trailer. The unit only weighs 600 pounds and can be easily transported on its built in wheels. EnviBlast™ can be flipped over onto its back for ease of transportation.
Plug & Go with EnviBlast™ - EnviBlast™ is designed for portable usage. Along with mobility, it also has the capability to plug and go. EnviBlast™ only requires a 120 Volt outlet allowing the operator to clean diesel particulate filters virtually anywhere there is an air supply.
Cleans All Manufactures Makes, Models & Sizes - EnviBlast™ has adaptable surface plates which allow the user the ability to clean any companies’ diesel particulate filters. These adaptable surface plates can be used to fit any size (diameter) and any filter type: Silicone Carbide, Cordierite, & Metal Foil. If the filter is plugged, the EnviBake™ must be used to appropriately clean the filter. EnviBlast™ allows the operator to do a larger variety of products and applications!
Quality Cleaning – Unlike many cleaning machines EnviBlast™ is manual. It was carefully designed to be manually operated for specific reasons such as:

Allows cleaning to be focused on certain areas of the filter. Many filters will not have a consistent color and often times will have dark spots where the soot build up is heavier. Because EnviBlast™ is manual; you are able to focus on the darker areas to ensure the filter is efficiently cleaned.
EnviBlast™ has a built in viewing window to show the soot flowing out of the filter. This also allows the user to determine if there are any problems with the filter such as clogged cells i.e. no visual flow of soot departing the filter when air pressure is applied.
EnviBake™ is designed to facilitate the cleaning process of dirty filters. In some cases a filter may need to be baked due to amounts of wet soot, unburned hydrocarbons and must be baked in order to regenerate the soot to ash that cannot be effectively removed with EnviBlast™. EnviBake™ controller is programmed to ramp up the temperature at a rate that will not crack the substrate of the filter. The EnviBake™ holds the temperature constant for two hours to ensure a complete regeneration of the filter. The EnviBake™ controller then automatically decreases temperature at a controlled rate to protect the filter’s substrate.

Many automatic cleaning machines may seem more convenient however, it does not always completely clean the filter or show signs of blockage or damage. DET recommends that the filter module is cleaned in a safe environment such as an EnviBlast™ filter cleaning machine. EnviBlast™ has a built in vibrator attached to the vacuum filter in order to prolong the life span of the cleaning machine. All the ash collected from cleaning is stored in an environmentally safe container for easy and safe disposal. Due to future and current legislation DET’s cleaning kit offers a great opportunity for any aspiring entrepreneur to become successful. DET’s cleaning kit allows anyone to capitalize on this extensive growing market. Our machines offer low fixed costs, reduced barriers to entry and gives the operator “more for less.” Your future is what you make of it, at DET, we’ve got it covered so you can “breathe easy”.
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